The Dojo (training room) is the place where we improve ourselves physically and spiritually. It is a sacred place, where futile conversations and toughts should be avoided. In the dojo there should be a persistent direction to train our body and polish our mind with good thoughts, uplifting the level of the enviroment so that the people that gather there can absorb the essence of teachings. The altar is the spot that centralizes the dojo.

It representes the Creation, the Origin and the Supreme God. It is important to notice that we are not reverencing a symbol but the great cosmic force that generates, creates and stablish the natural path.

The altar must be located in the back wall of the trainig room, as far as possible from the entrance. The hierarchical positions to start and end the class are given depending on its placement.

Our altar has the phrase::
“Guided By God” whith the genuine intention of being guided through the miracle of life!

Keep in mind: The dojo is spiritually protected by the six guardians and by the spiritual master of the environment.