We follow two different lines of evolutionary developement for a good student’s training.

1 - Traditional Jiu Jitsu’s training and his philosophy
2 - Competitive Jiu Jitsu’s training

Classes are planned in a strategic way for stimulating the technical progress of the student, increasing his nature and habilities, stimulating the motor coordination, perception, reflexes, flexibility and muscular strenght through the technics and fights perfomed, respecting his limitations and prepearing them to overcome those.

Every six months the professor requests a graduation test, and all the history will be analized, specially the age and the student’s purpose of wellness, trying to be a competitor or a high performance fighter.

» Level 1: The basic techniques are executed with beginners in a calm state and without stress.
» Level 2: The difficulty level of the basic exercises is rised.
» Level 3: Full execution of the fundamental moves reproducing realistically what could happen in combat.