Jiu-Jitsu Lótus

As the reader must have noticed, this website intends to stimulate the education and at the same time, lead up to progress on the beautiful path of the Martial Philosophy of Fullness.

The Philosophy of Jiu Jitsu is to present the full range of learning, demostrating that everything has a symbolism and that the succession of generations make us inherit knowledge and the task of scattering it.

The principles of this path are: Patience, endurance, persistence, appreciation, improvement, and reflection. Each being has its own path: Lotus Jiu Jitsu comes to support this journey. The practice of Jiu Jitsu summarizes our existence: When we start the practice, we are laymen and so we crawl, we warm up our joints, we stretch our muscles and we increase our reflexes with an insistent technical training for our moment as adults in the dojo. Then comes the time to face up our own difficulties, our habits and defects, to gradually shape ourselves, like the steel that is worked over and over until it becomes a good sword. There are times when we also have to come across to face our “ego”, tormented, for example, when finished. This moment represent death and immediate rebirth. When anger passes and we push away the ‘’ego’’ we realize that victory and defeat are symbolic. Sometimes, the one who lost, wins in the reflect of the moment. Who wins may be thrilled with the power he feels in that instant but should remember it was achieved whith the preparation imparted by an instructor, the body that his colleague borrowed for the practice and his own worthy dedication. Victory will only be really grasped if he honours this reflection; true humility will sprout from the knowledge that winning and losing are two faces of the same coin. Identifying this is one of the study principles of Lotus Jiu Jitsu.

"Everything in life is based on nature´s laws. What goes against it, is destroyed, what competes in favor, is experienced. The donor is rewarded without the need to receive. The sovereign finds peace without needing power. The most prominent is not the one that appears, but the one that is seen even without gestures."

"The principle is easy to follow. It is enough to know that we already are, before trying to be. The machine that breathes, feels and thinks is wonderfully equal to the refinement of nature."

The being comes here not always to learn, but sometimes to teach. Just by taking a look, is enough to learn, not only with the eyes but also with mental perception. To teach, is not enough just to speak and show; one must intuit the life giving force of full truth. We are all supporting members and supported by the motto:
“Guided by God”